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Boiling Bagels is an important part of r

Our bagels are real...

That sounds really weird doesn't it?
"What do you guys mean your bagels are 'real', what are 'fake bagels' then, smart guy?!"


We're so glad you asked, mr. or mrs. bagel lover, here's why we make such a bold and outrageous statement-

Bagel recipes are a lot like pizza and pasta recipes. Depending on who you ask, it needs to be made one way, or another way, or else everything is wrong and it's "not real (food)"...and one of those things is bagels. True bagel recipes call for certain steps that many shops in the New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia Area simply do not take and it's infuriating.

Next time you're in the shop, come say hi to our owner Chris aka "Bagel Jesus" and ask him about why our bagels are real bagels.

Also, if you throw a quote from The Office his way and he doesn't give one back, 10% off your order right then and there!

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