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Please be aware that due to increasingly unstable and skyrocketing prices for ingredients and food, we are removing pricing from our online menus. Please call us for the current prices that will be directed through The Assistant(To The) Regional Bagel Manager.

*looks up from newspaper*


Oh. Hello there.


You made it to the end of our menu already?

Well, this is a little awkward. But what do you expect, we're only open until 2pm every day. While you're down here why don't you just follow us on Instagram. Here's our latest post, it's pretty great isn't it? Yeah just follow us. It'll be easier.

Why are you still reading? Now you're making it weird. Are we supposed to just not make eye contact now? Are you not going to say anything? Just sitting there staring at us? Please stop.

Go to our Instagram page already.

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